'Where is Grace' It's compelling, heart wrenching, and hilarious. Even though human trafficking isn't a laughing matter, you will find enjoyment as the story takes you from San Francisco to the beautiful paradise island of the Dominican Republic. Don't blink your eyes, you're bound to miss something.

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Where Is Grace-Prologue
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'The Reservationist is a heart-throbbing mystery-thriller that will keep you intrigued and curious as the plot thickens. Read how this novel unfolds and how the left-handed serial killer is shocked when stumbling upon some disturbing news. This exciting novel will leave you wanting more.

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A Ram in the Bush is an electrifying drama about jealousy and abuse in the relationship. Apparently, no one ever told Shay Knight that the quickest way to lose a man was to allow jealousy to consume her. Before the ink could get cold on her marriage license, Shay began pulling out all the stops to ensure that her husband knew that she wouldn't stand for any form of infidelity. The only problem was that her extreme methods only caused him to drift apart from the love that he once share with her.

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